La La Land

In sun-kissed Los Angeles, a pair of morning commuters jammed on a wide stretch of highway are off to a rocky start. But suave Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), a charming jazz pianist whom life’s got him on the ropes, and lovely Mia (Emma Stone), a brilliant playwright waiting for her big break, are meant for each other. On the one hand, Sebastian thinks he has a serious plan for the future. On the other hand, Mia squanders herself in meaningless auditions, mesmerised by old Hollywood glamour. However, as the incurable romantics keep running into each other under the city’s starry nights and plum-hued sunrises, a magical, old-school tap-dance romance timidly begins. Such is the power of effervescent love: it inspires people to have long walks while gazing at the colourful Milky Way of the city’s flickering lights. But life is as exciting as it is challenging. After all, no one knows what tomorrow holds. And as the young idealists veer from their dreams, questions arise. Does true love exist only in movies? Do dreams come true in real life?