Taxi Driver

Hiding in the shadows of bustling mid-1970s New York City, depressed former U.S. Marine Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) prowls the neon-lit night streets of the metropolis in his yellow cab, looking for excitement. But Travis is a nobody amid nobodies. As a result, trapped by an increasingly distorted perception of reality, the chronically insomniac lone wolf delves deeper and deeper into a world of obsession and vitriolic revulsion. After all, the endless string of bitter rejections from unobtainable objects of desire and condemned young souls can only break one’s spirit. Now his crystal-clear plan starts to take shape. And as sleep-deprived Travis braces up to clean this filthy city in a flaming manifesto of unbridled violence, his lethal weapons will become the grim messengers of truth. His truth.