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The Magic of Cinema Under the Stars!

Enjoy a feast of films from around the world at Lithuania’s most romantic outdoor cinema.

It’s summertime in Vilnius – and that means ‘Cinema Under the Stars’ is back! Throughout August and early September, movie lovers can look forward to a packed season of outdoor cinema in Vilnius, featuring Hollywood classics, modern European cinema and documentaries from around the world.

Whatever your taste in film, ‘Cinema Under the Stars’ has something for you. All films are presented in the original English, French, Polish or Spanish with Lithuanian subtitles, or in Lithuanian with English subtitles. Check out our full programme below for details. 

Screenings begin at 21:30 in the spectacular surroundings of the courtyard at Valdovų Rumai – the Palace of the Archdukes in the historic Old Town of the Lithuanian capital.

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Tickets: Standard ticket price EUR 7 euros, or enjoy the luxury of comfy beanbags and deckchairs with blankets in the VIP zone with a VIP ticket: EUR 9 euros. Refreshments: Guests at ‘Cinema Under the Stars’ can enjoy a complimentary coffee. Food, alcohol and soft drinks are also available. No refreshments may be brought into the cinema area from outside. Customers will be asked to leave any outside food and drinks at the entrance. Weather: Please come prepared for the weather! Screenings will only be cancelled in the event of a storm (check out the KINAS PO ŽVAIGŽDĖMIS Facebook page for updates), but we can’t guarantee the weather – so please bring a waterproof and some warm clothing. It can get chilly late at night!


Films in English (or Lithuanian with English subtitles):

5 August FREE SCREENING in Cathedral Square: Walnut bread (Riešutų duona) Lithuania, 1977.
Memories of childhood and first love in this lyrical love story set in small-town Lithuania. Lithuania with English subtitles.

7 August A rainy day in New York (Lietinga diena Niujorke) USA, 2019.
Unexpected adventures await two out-of-towners on a weekend in New York in the latest film from American master of cinema, Woody Allen. English with Lithuanian subtitles.

8 August Bohemian Rhapsody (Bohemijos rapsodija) USA, 2018.
Oscar-winning biopic tracing the story of legendary rock band Queen and superstar frontman Freddy Mercury. English with Lithuanian subtitles.

12 August Summer survivors (Išgyventi vasarą) Lithuania, 2018.
Friendship blossoms between an ambitious young psychologist and two patients en route to a seaside psychiatric unit in this powerful, bittersweet road movie. Lithuanian with English subtitles.

13 August Grease (Briliantinas) USA, 1978.
John Travolta and Olivia Newton John star in this tongue-in-cheek musical classic of high-school romance and rock’n’roll rebellion. English with Lithuanian subtitles.

14 August Sasha was here (Čia buvo Saša) Lithuania, 2019.
Middle-class couple Tomas and Jurga dream of adopting a girl – but when young tearaway teenage boy Sasha crashes into their life, things don’t go quite as planned. Lithuanian with English subtitles.

15 August Modern times (Modernūs laikai) USA, 1936.
Hollywood icon Charlie Chaplin stars as The Tramp, struggling to live in the modern world with the help of a young homeless woman. English with Lithuanian subtitles.

16 August A star is born (Taip gimė žvaigždė) USA, 2018.
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper star in this Oscar-winning story of a struggling young singer trying to make it in the music industry. English with Lithuanian subtitles.

19 August Pavarotti US/UK, 2019
Documentary celebrating the life and golden voice of legendary Italian tenor, Luciano Pavarotti. English with Lithuanian subtitles.

23 August Bridges of time (Laiko tiltai) Lithuania, 2018.
Kristine Briede and Audrius Stonys’s meditative documentary portrait of the little-known cinema poets of the Baltic New Wave. Lithuanian with English subtitles.

24 August Whitney USA, 2018.
Documentary tracing the spectacular rise and tragic fall of 1980s pop superstar, Whitney Houston. English with Lithuanian subtitles.

28 August Jaws (Nasrai) USA, 1975.
Fear lurks beneath the waves as a man-eating shark terrorises the waters off Amity Island in this Oscar-winning horror from Steven Spielberg. English with Lithuanian subtitles.

29 August Kusama: infinity USA, 2018.
Renowned artist Yayoi Kusama and others discuss her life and work, from modest beginnings in Japan to international fame. English with Lithuanian subtitles.

26 August Honeyland (Medaus šalis) North Macedonia, 2019.
Europe’s last female beehunter fights to save the bees and restore natural balance when her livelihood is threatened by the arrival of a family of nomadic beekeepers. Turkish/English with English subtitles.

2 September Purple smoke (Purpurinis rūkas) Lithuania, 2019.
Based on a short story by Feliks Roziner, Purple smoke tells the complex story of Lithuanian Jew Jozefas, partisan commander Vladas and their beloved Janė. Lithuanian with English subtitles.

6 September Where’d you go, Bernadette (Kur tu pradingai, Bernadeta?) USA, 2019.
Cate Blanchett stars as a loving mother rediscovering her artistic passions after years of putting her family first in the latest from US auteur Richard Linklater. English with Lithuanian subtitles.

Movies in Polish:

20 August Dolce fine giornata (Saldi dienos pabaiga) Poland, 2019.
The stable family life of a female poet begins to fall apart after she makes a controversial public speech. Polish/English/Italian with Lithuanian subtitles

27 August Cold War (Šaltasis karas) Poland, 2018.
A musical director attempts to persuade his young protégé to flee to the West in Pawel Pawelkowski’s tale of love in 1950s Poland. Polish with Lithuanian subtitles.

4 September Breaking the limits (Geriausias) Poland, 2017.
Based on the true story of a former drug addict who became a champion triathlete and winner of the legendary Ironman competition. Polish/French with Lithuanian subtitles.

Movies in French:

6 August Our happy holidays (Mūsų pirmosios atostogos) France, 2018.
Opposites attract as Marion and Ben meet on Tinder and embark on an unconventional dream holiday – against the advice of their friends. French with Lithuanian subtitles.

21 August Hiroshima, mon amour (Hirošima, mano meile) France, 1959.
A French actress filming an anti-war film has an affair with a married Japanese architect in post-war in Hiroshima in Alain Resnais’ new wave classic. French/Japanese/English with Lithuanian subtitles.

22 August A faithful man (Tobulas vyras) France, 2018.
Abel and Marianne’s relationship gets complicated when she leaves him for his best friend, and returns after her new lover dies. French with Lithuanian subtitles.

5 September Serial (Bad) Weddings 2 ((Ne)Tikros prancūziškos vestuvės 2) France, 2019.
Claude and Marie face a new crisis after the spouses of their four daughters decide to leave France in this comedy drama. French with Lithuanian subtitles.

Movies in Spanish:

3 September Pain and glory (Skausmas ir šlovė) Spain, 2019.
A film director reflects on his choices in life as past and present come crashing down around him in the latest from Pedro Almodóvar. Spanish with Lithuanian subtitles.